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I create new immersive experiences


I'm a designer focusing in UI/UX and Interaction Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic and Product Design from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the moment but open for new opportunities across the world. 

Experienced in working with information architecture, user experience research and advanced knowledge in digital and analog methods of prototyping. Worked as UX/UI in marketing and advertising industry and in the design industry. 

Also, highly interested in physical interactions with knowledge in generative programming skills, robotics, and electronics such as Processing, Arduino, and Max. Researched and developed immersive experiences focused in interactive museums and exhibitions.

My mixed formation between graphic, product and interaction design makes me a designer prepared for all kinds of complexed problems. I’m driven by research and development and my goal is to create immersive new experiences.







Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
B.A. in Product Design – emphasis in Visual Communication


California College of the Arts San Francisco, CA
Interaction Design – exchange student






Uber Hack – São Paulo, RJ
Regional (São Paulo) - 1st place
National - finalist

UI/UX Designer

Hachathon Globo  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
UI/UX Designer


ReinoStudio  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
UI/UX Design intern 


iris Worldwide  New York,  NY
UI/UX Design intern 


Hackpuc  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Visual Designer 

Design na Praça  Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Assistant staff

Design Week at PUC-Rio  Rio de Janeiro, RJ